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The Reverend

Robert Clay Calhoun


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Father Clay was called to serve as Rector of St. Timothy’s in 2022. He earned his Master of Divinity degree from the School of Theology at the University of the South, in Sewanee, Tennessee, in 2017, after which he was ordained a deacon at Grace Cathedral in Topeka, Kansas, and was ordained a priest at the Church of Holy Apostles in Collierville, Tennessee, where he served as clergy on staff.

“I have always loved the church, and am humbled and grateful to be calle as your rector. My life as a disciple is grounded in the spirituality of the Prayer Book and continually nourished by the eucharist. An evangelical upbringing instilled in me a great affection for the Bible, while my own appropriation of the faith in adulthood has led me to a more catholic spirituality--a high regard for the church and her liturgy and sacraments, the communion of saints as reality seen and unseen, and the importance of orthodox theology. I love to teach and to learn, and am excited to be on this adventure of following Jesus with you.”

Clay grew up in the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas, at St. Paul's in Coffeyville. He and his wife Michelle were married there in 2004. He has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Wichita State University, and has taught American history and government. Clay and Michelle make their home with their five wonderful children, three dogs, and one chill cat.

Clay takes his sabbath on Mondays.

Contact:, or call the church office.

Vestry 2023

Your Vestry stands as the body that represents you.  Please feel free to contact any of them for information or needs.  They are elected by you and are open to suggestions, criticisms, and praise.


Senior Warden - Michael Ligon (2024) - Finance

Junior Warden - Joyce Helmick (2024) - Children/Youth Ministry


MariLynn McCloskey (2025) - Events

Matt Wisdom (2025) - Education/Formation

Jean Perdicaris (2024) - Stewardship

Judy Riley (2025) - Hospitality

Fred Hallman (2023) - Outreach

Michael Johnson (2024) - Pastoral Care

Karen Stone (2023) - Buildings & Grounds

Henry Gordon - Treasurer

Katie Ligon - Vestry Clerk

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